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Celebrating 70 years of being in business – a shared journey

June 20th, 2024

From our humble beginnings in April 1954, we have grown and evolved, driven by the trust you have placed in us. Each year has brought new challenges and opportunities, and your continued patronage has been the cornerstone of our success.

We are so thankful for the relationships we have built, the feedback you have provided, and your high usage of our financial products and services. In fact, we just learned last week that we rank 33rd nationally out of 710 similar-size credit unions for member product/service usage and 4th out of 97 credit unions (all sizes) in Missouri!

Your belief in our mission and values has been our greatest motivation. As we look to the future, we remain committed to excellence, innovation, and member satisfaction.

Surprise member rewards

What better way to give back to our members than by surprising them with a phone call telling them we’re depositing $70 into their account, simply for doing business with us, whether they recently opened an account or have been members for many years?

Overall, 70 members each received $70, totaling $4,900. The final payouts were made last week.

Recipients ranged in age from 18 to 89, representing 26 cities, including three in southeastern Missouri, three in southwestern Illinois, one in Arkansas and one in Florida! You can see the full list of recipients at the bottom of this email.

Through a special contest we held via email and our social media pages, we also awarded 12 winners from a pool of roughly 100 members who submitted personal stories telling us why they chose Century for their banking needs, what they love about the credit union, and how we’ve made a difference in their lives. We’ll be sharing those testimonials on a new website that we’ll launch later this year or early next year.

Three members won $70 as door prizes at our annual membership meeting on April 24.

Special deals

Exceptionally great rates on personal loans, new and used auto loans, and a 7-month CD were offered in April tied to our birth year and age.

Anniversary logo

A special logo was created and is being used a variety of ways, such as on commemorative glassware. All attendees of our annual membership meeting received one. We’ve started distributing these at our branches and will continue to until supplies run out. Members can choose between a pint glass or stemless wine glass. Limit of 1 per member, and must be present to receive one.

The logo is also featured on our website, social media pages, monthly/quarterly statements, in employees’ eSignatures, and more.

Anniversary banners are hanging on parking light poles at both of our branches.

Employees have been wearing new shirts embroidered with our anniversary logo.

Surprise entertainment

We had a local keyboardist, a guitarist, and a Pep Band from Hancock Place High School perform outside our main office in Lemay on a different Friday each week in April for music-filled celebrations. We wrapped up the month with a local DJ spinning tunes from the 1950s to the present on the fourth Saturday of April. To view a clip of their performance of the pep band, keyboardist and guitarist, click on the appropriate image below.

Free cold treat

A Kona snow cone truck was on-site one day at our Lemay branch to provide members young and old alike with a surprise treat. We plan to do the same at our Arnold branch one day this summer.

Salute to our founding fathers

On our Facebook and Instagram pages, we recognized the seven people who had the vision to establish this credit union.

List of $70 Winners

Drumroll please…

Grace W., 18, St. Charles, MO

Logan Y., 21  Arnold, MO 

Lindsey S., 21, Festus, MO

Morgan O., 22, Oakville, MO

Austin P., 23, Dupo, IL

Haley D., 24   Arnold, MO

Brianna B., 25, Imperial, MO

Andrew E., 25, Hillsboro, MO

Ronald K., 28, Lemay/Mehlville, MO

Cameron J., 28, Arnold, MO

Madelynn B., 29, East Prairie, MO

Maria G., 29, Arnold, MO

Robert L. III, 30, Arnold, MO

Charles D., 30, Lemay/Mehlville, MO

Sean D., 33, Imperial, MO

Steve A., 34, Arnold, MO

Kristopher K., 37, Hillsboro, MO

Tracie E., 38, House Springs, MO

Emily A., 39, Arnold, MO

Kenan K., 40, Lemay/Mehlville, MO

Marco Q., 40, Affton, MO

Christopher S., 41, Barnhart, MO

Michelle W., 41, Imperial, MO

Megan M., 42   Barnhart, MO 

Melissa M., 42, Arnold, MO

Heather W., 43, Oakville, MO

Rachel S., 43, De Soto, MO

Stephanie C., 43, Waterloo, IL

Demetrick M., 45, Marston, MO

John A., 45, Hillsboro, MO

Amy D., 47, St. Louis City, MO

Lara B., 47, Malden, MO

Senad A., 49, Lemay/Mehlville

Joseph S., 49, East Prairie, MO

Bruce H., 52, Lemay/Mehlville, MO

Christine M., 53, Arnold, MO

Kimberly K., 54, Affton, MO

Laura G., 54, Arnold, MO

Kathy P., 56, Blackwell, MO

Matthew S., 57, Affton, MO

James G., 58, Festus, MO

William F., 59, Affton, MO

Karen H., 60, Lemay/Mehlville, MO

Deborah H., 60, Imperial, MO 

Cara L., 60, Oakville, MO

Teresa S., 61, Hillsboro, MO

Susan K., 61, Pevely, MO

Lori J., 62, Arnold, MO

Michael K., 63, Oakville, MO

Rose D., 65, Lemay/Mehlville, MO  

Sarah H., 65, South St. Louis, MO 

Jerri F., 65, Lonedell, MO

Paul L., 69, Lemay/Mehlville, MO

Donald H., 69, Affton, MO

Neal S., 69, Port St. Lucie, FL

Pam Hall, 69, High Ridge, MO

Deborah B., 70, Bloomsdale, MO

Allen H., 70, Arnold, MO

Milica N., 70, Lemay/Mehlville, MO

Margaret C., 71, Waterloo, IL

Rodney H., 73, Bonne Terre, MO

Marsh P., 73, Oakville, MO

Wayne O., 73, Lemay/Mehlville, MO

Pauline G., 75, Hillsboro, MO

E. Jeannie M., 76, University City, MO

Martha T., 80, Jonesboro, AK   

Joan K., 82, Lemay/Mehlville, MO

Elaine M., 89, Freeburg, IL