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Joshua Wallace succeeds Bob Eike in the top position at Century Credit Union

January 9th, 2024

Bob Eike retired Dec. 28 after leading Century for the past 33 years, leaving some big shoes for the new president and CEO, Joshua “Josh” Wallace, to fill.

“Fortunately, I have big feet,” Josh jokes.

No stranger to the local community or Century, Josh is a lifelong St. Louisan who has worked various jobs at the credit union since 2008, mostly in the lending area, with Bob as his mentor.

“The credit union is being left in excellent hands with Josh taking over the reins,” Bob says. “He has worked in all vital positions at the credit union, from the ground up, and his knowledge of accounting and finance is an asset. He’s an extremely bright individual who picks up everything very quickly. Josh loves the credit union and shares my values of prioritizing member service. Members and staff love him. I’m confident that he’s the right person for the job.” 

The impact that Bob has had on Josh’s decade-and-a-half credit union career has been huge.

“Over the years, he has imparted his values and passion to me, preparing me for the responsibilities ahead,” he says. “I am grateful to him for the invaluable guidance, mentorship, and the substantial role he has played in my growth and the success of Century Credit Union. As I step into the significant responsibility Bob has trusted to me, I am reminded that I have not only inherited the challenges but also the strengths that he cultivated over the years. The credit union’s success is a tribute to Bob’s unwavering commitment, and I am both honored and humbled to continue the legacy he built.”

Decision was a “no-brainer” for the selection committee

A national search was conducted by an internal selection committee made up of board and supervisory committee members to find a new leader, and Josh stood out among the list of qualified candidates.  

The decision to select him was an easy one, says Leo Chirco, a member of the selection committee.

“In Josh we had a candidate whose loyalty and dedication for Century Credit Union was well known. His familiarity and 15-year experience with Century was very important to the committee. Being a St Louis native was extremely important.”

Other key factors, Leo notes, were Joshua’s superb member service skills, his very accommodating personality, and a finance degree he has from St. Louis University.

“It would have taken an outside candidate some four to six months to be an effective leader and president,” Leo says. “Josh, with the mentoring and guidance of Bob Eike and his 15 years of experience at Century, is able to be effective immediately. The learning curve for Josh is much shorter than if we would have chosen an outside candidate.”

Rising through the ranks

Josh was named interim president & CEO last May and had been serving as vice president of operations and lending for two years. Prior to that, he was loan manager for two years, a loan officer for six years, and an accountant for 1-1/2 years. He started as a teller, a position he held for four years.

While working as a part-time teller at Century, Josh attended the business school at Saint Louis University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting and information technology management.

Following his academic achievements, he transitioned into an accounting role at Century.

Over the years, he has furthered his education through the Credit Union National Association (now known as America’s Credit Unions), obtaining certifications as a financial counselor and Bank Secrecy Act compliance specialist.
“To get to my current position, I’ve emphasized strong interpersonal skills, a deep understanding of the financial industry through years of experience, attention to detail, and a dedication to helping others,” Josh says. “My management style involves being a servant leader, prioritizing the growth and well-being of my team.”

A collaborative and supportive leadership style

As president of Century, he says his main priorities will be fostering a collaborative and growth-oriented environment, implementing strategic plans for the credit union’s continued success, and enhancing member experiences through innovative financial solutions.

“My vision is for Century Credit Union to be a leading financial institution known for its member-centric approach, top-tier services, and community impact,” he says. “I aim to strengthen our position in the industry while staying true to our core values. Success for Century involves sustained growth, member satisfaction, and a positive impact on the community. It means being a go-to financial partner for our members and maintaining a resilient and adaptable organization. I’m energized by the opportunities that lie ahead for Century, embracing technological advancements, and ensuring we meet the evolving needs of our members.”

Outside of work, Josh finds joy in quality family time, playing board games, and cheering on the Cardinals.